Sunday, 20 April 2008

Weak Signals

I just got copies of the slides used by Elina Hiltunen from the Finland Futures Research Centre when I met with her recently.  Elina is a weak signal watcher to identify trends that suggest the future.  As futurists/futurologists, we are often asked about the methods employed to derive the predictions we make.  Weak signals, which manifest themselves in different ways, are one of the indicators that can be used.   

It was a pleasure to meet with Elina and to learn more about her work.  TrendWiki is one of Elina's tools she uses to track weak signals.  Oh ... and the Finnish chocolates she brought to the meeting were very nice too!

1 comment:

Elina said...

Hi Jonathan,
Thanks you for letting me visit your company, and let me know about the interesting work you are doing. I hope that we will meet soon in for example some seminar.

All the best,
Elina H.

p.s. Nice to read that you liked the chocolate !