Sunday, 8 June 2008

Apple WWDC 2008

The Worldwide Developer Conference organised by Apple begins tomorrow and Steve Jobs will again take the stage at the keynote to announce a number of surprises as well as some expected news.   The latter is likely to be the announcement of the second version of the iPhone using 3G Cellular network technology.  The former may well be that a third version of the device is announced as well!   Certainly Apple will find ways in the coming months to push home their lead in innovative internet device form factors which exploit both their superb touch screen interface and also the powerful OSX system platform that lies within iPhone.  

However I will be watching the performance of the keynote from a presentational point of view as well as for the content.  The work that goes into careful structuring and delivery of the announcements when Steve Jobs takes to the stage is awesome and it shows if you analyse the performances.  I have been at such Apple keynotes in person and I never tire of learning from this side of Apple's productions too.  

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