Tuesday, 2 June 2009

CILIPS conference, Scotland

I have the pleasure to provide the opening keynote to the CILIPS conference in Peebles, Scotland this week. Unusually the weather is hot and sunny as I write this and I am looking forward to addressing the 100+ delegates of the conference about future disruptive technologies. The audience is largely people connected with information provision, and information is not something that is going to be in short supply in the future. Already we have more information available online than most people can cope with. The trick is to organise and filter it such that the people who can make use of it get the maximum value from it. Some of this will come from the up-skilling of those responsible for the task, and some will come from the technology that supports them. Intelligent search and filtering software will help with this in the future. In fact we will one day wonder how our elders ever coped with the manual splurge of information that became available with the Internet revolution.

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