Friday, 12 February 2010

Redfly Video Review

Before I left BT last year, I did some video reviews of various products for their Innovate magazine. The final one has just been published on the web, although as it is embedded flash on one page of the e-zine its not exactly easy to provide a link to directly.

The subject of this review was the Redfly ... a netbook-like device without any processing inside it which links to a Blackberry or Windows Mobile smartphone by USB or Bluetooth and effectively gives you a bigger screen and keyboard for the apps on the smartphone. I actually think this is just an admission that some of those smartphones and their apps are pretty unusable. I dont see me ever needing a netbook let alone one of these smartphones and a Redfly. I'll definitely stick with my iPhone! However if you want to see an example of my performances on camera, you can find the Innovate e-zine here. The Redfly video review is on page 15 ... click the relevant link when you get there!

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