Tuesday, 17 March 2009

It's the Software, stupid - again!

Last June I blogged an entry with a similar title to this one.  But in order to show that predictions are right, futurologists are justified in referencing their own previous posts from time to time!  The importance of software in devices has been demonstrated front of stage again today by Apple, as they described the impending update (3.0) to their iPhone software.   

The presentation clearly covered two parts; the new facilities offered to developers of iPhone and iPod Touch software applications, and the new features for end users.  Apple claims 1000 of the former and 100 of the later.   I suspect that much of the press coverage will be given over to the user features, including MMS, Cut Copy and Paste, and Bluetooth stereo headphone support.  But it is the kit that Apple has enhanced which developers will use (the SDK) that will have the greatest long term effect.  It is these software enablers that will help to keep iPhone out front which others chase to catch up with.  Since my original post, we have indeed seen a plethora of new devices all incorporating the hardware features of the iPhone.  It is the software that they cannot copy so easily however.  And most of Apple's competitors still just don't get it.

 The last important thing about the 3.0 update announced today, is the economic enablers it brings developers in expanding the business model for AppStore purchases.   Including these into the mix gives Apple additional future revenue stream potential, which is the lifeblood of any successful company.  

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