Monday, 21 July 2008

Intelligent advertising?

Is anyone else out there fed up of TV adverts that just say ridiculous things or is it just me?   While I was considering what to write in this blog entry, a TV advertisement stated that a stain removing soap powder has "intelligence" built in.  They even showed some meaningless animation of some dumb stain cells on a garment being attacked by the more intelligent ones in their product.  I'm not sure that any such nanotechnology is employed in this cleaning fluid that could be reasonably explained as intelligent?  In fact if that is the level of the latest hi-tech intelligence, then perhaps we should be worried about other things!  

Then there are those other adverts that use some made up techno-sounding word to describe what is in the particular perfume or antiperspirant or other product and supposedly gives it the edge over rivals.  Often there is a get-out clause at the bottom of the screen for a very short time in a size of font that can barely be read.  

In the UK at least, we have plenty of advertising standards and regulations; yet we still allow these products to bamboozle the non-scientific audience.  I want my mum, and all the others like her, to be more protected from possibly believing such claims.   In the future, businesses that have a trusted brand will be even more important than today.  I hope that striving for this trust may show up the frauds that try to trick customers into buying their products.  And that devices which customers have to hand will help them see through the bogus language that some companies are using. 

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