Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Christmas card futures?

Ok so who really enjoys writing their Christmas cards each year?  Putting decorations up - maybe, choosing gifts for friends and family - possibly, but writing all those cards ?  And here in the UK particularly, the greetings card industry has really expanded beyond common sense ... there are cards for everything ...  My computer already prints all the labels from my "xmas card group" in my address book so at least the envelopes don't need writing.  But a trigger in the calendar could cause the computer to prompt me whether I would like them printed off, in time to post even the overseas ones.  And the cards themselves could be formed from the list and a suitable design produced from some template.  Some recipients do now get e-cards from me.  But I still have to organise it all. 

In the future, I just want to be prompted to think about the card greetings and have it all produced for me.  And a little further ahead I want the greetings to be triggered in my mind and for the recipients to feel the greeting in their heads and hearts.  This would save a lot of recycled paper and card and still maintain a personal touch to the greetings.  Some folk occasionally ask me why I cover future biotech in the context of future communications.   This is one example of why.  

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