Friday, 27 February 2009

A great gesture...

As an iPhone user, I am well acquainted with using multi-touch gestures on the screen of the device I carry on my belt.  Having recently taken delivery of the latest MacBook Pro, to replace the ageing PowerBook G4 I had, I am now getting used to the same convenient gestures on its trackpad.  I quickly got used to not moving over to the right of windows to grab scroll bars but instead to two finger drag.  The pinch gesture for zooming in and out the whole screen or individual elements in certain applications is just so intuitive.  And the multi-finger swipe to move back and forward through pages in my web browser instead of having to move up to the buttons on the toolbar area is also becoming second nature.  The rotate gesture is the the one I use least at the moment ... but it will come.  Gestures in free space rather than on surfaces will be even more convenient in the future.  I can't wait!

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