Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Cellphone freedom or loneliness

I am tonight writing my blog entry from the west country of Britain in a lovely old hotel which will host an event I am attending - they have broadband here, strangely charged until 11am each day ... but there is no cellphone coverage!  So my mobile devices are next to useless but my trusty laptop can plug in and connect me.  

In the future, the mobile access denied to me here will be ubiquitous ... but will that be a good thing or not?   Am I freed here without it to concentrate on the matters in hand, is it less stressful to feel I should check that mail or calendar appointment when I hear the "ping" of its arrival or am I suffering from not being online either all the time or at least as often as I choose to be?  

Well I think on balance I would rather be connected and exercise the choice of whether to act on the information that is pushed to me or not.   For the minority (I suspect) whose self-discipline is such that they cannot make this choice sensibly, probably it would be better to have no connectivity at all.  But my view remains that the future of constant broadband connectivity on the move will provide more benefits than disadvantages and that future services that we come to love will depend on it.  

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