Friday, 5 September 2008

Connectivity withdrawal symptoms

In the future, connectivity will be ubiquitous and fast broadband widespread and everywhere.  Today we have a mixture of all sorts of relatively slow connections when out and about.  GPRS is the basic data service used by mobile devices and when it fails it can be very frustrating.  I have suffered this very problem today while travelling on business.   As I passed through various WiFi hotspots, my devices populated and synced my mail and other applications but in between times I was frustrated to be offline.  In fact it was really annoying.  I am used to being able to be online at some sort of speed of connection almost anytime I like, and here I was suffering withdrawal symptoms!   

At the moment its convenient to do lots of stuff online.   In the future it will be necessary to do lots of stuff online.  By then the withdrawal symptoms won't just cause frustration, they may make the difference between something really important happening or not.   

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