Friday, 3 October 2008

Supermarket trust & privacy

As the world develops becomes more and more instrumented by sensors, cameras and other means of tracking people and their habits, some are increasingly worried about issues of personal privacy.   As more and more data containing personal information is stored on more and more electronic systems, there is an increased probability that we will see examples of information leakage such as the personal data loss examples recently occurring in the UK.   More people worry about the latter than what their supermarket knows about them, despite these sort of organisations knowing and deriving far more about their customers through loyalty card schemes.  The truth is that people worry less about giving up personal information if they perceive some benefit back in doing so.  In the supermarket's case, it may be money-off vouchers, online shopping lists and home delivery or whatever.  The fact that a benefit is perceived is more important than what it is.  

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