Monday, 19 January 2009

Birthday Time

So I become another year older today.  So I decide to have the day off work.  I fill my day doing all those things I really enjoy doing.   It would be great if instead of taking time out to write this blog entry I could simply think about what I want to post and it just happens.  Not actually so far fetched.  We already have bio-tech labs on the planet where scientists are experimenting with body implant devices which will allow a person to think about a muscle movement and convert that spinal cord signal into control signals for an artificial prosthetic limb.  Thought control of other things will follow.  Coupled with life recording systems, especially for those special occasions like birthdays, the content will automatically be made available with the process.  In the meantime, its fun to log on and write the blog by hand!  And I think I will be doing it this way for quite a few birthdays yet.

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