Monday, 12 January 2009

Will people cope with change?

Today I had the pleasure to present a glimpse of the future at the 7th SOLACE Graduate conference in London.  There were around 100 people in the audience and some really interesting questions were raised afterwards.  

One person in the audience asked about how far should things actually go and whether people would be able to cope with the change.  The psychology is very important.  Some of the things that I presented perhaps seem very far fetched and in some cases scary.  But then so would some things today have seemed far fetched in the past despite the fact that we now take them for granted.   People do adapt to change, some better than others and some faster than others.  There will be people who will need services to help them (e.g. managing multiple avatars online)  and others who need people extra help to understand and cope with change.  

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