Monday, 26 January 2009

Thumbs up for the revolution!

My parents and their generation often point out that my own generation have always been used to computers, usually after we pull off some seemingly baffling operation with them.  Indeed I have needed to type on a keyboard since my early teens, whether to play games (just simple PacMan in those days!), teach myself programming and then to communicate with people as well as machines.  So I am a finger person.  I use a finger to press a lift (elevator - for my US readers!) button.  Well doesn't everyone?  Actually no!  The younger generation have reverted to using thumbs more than fingers.  The texting generation have developed an amazing speed and dexterity with just their two thumbs.  Many young people use their thumbs to push lift buttons!  The faster way to use the iPhone onscreen touch keyboard is to use two thumbs although I still revert to fingers.  The thumb revolution is here ... :)

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