Wednesday, 7 January 2009

MacWorld 09 Aftermath

So the final Apple keynote presentation at a MacWorld January conference has been and gone.  It left most Apple fans rather underwhelmed and complaining that only one new piece of predictable hardware was included.  One of the reasons that people love their Macs so much however is not just the hardware but also the software which Apple produces for it.  The integration and performance with simplicity which they achieve between the two components is unrivalled.   

It does at least mean that there is a high likelihood of a special Apple event in February or March which focuses on the new iMac and Mac Mini hardware which is expected.  I would imagine that the company will want to innovate significantly during the recession times and this will result in a new product type completely later in 2009.  Apple usually puts a great deal of thought into its presentations; in this respect I suggest that it was no accident that Tony Bennett was asked to perform a live performance of the song "the best is yet to come" at the end of the keynote.  Let's wait and see!

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