Tuesday 20 May 2008

The Innovation Edge - The Web

Hi from the Innovation Edge conference, where I just listened to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who as ever was amazingly humble and straightforward about his view of the World Wide Web that he invented.  It was particularly interesting to note the comment that there are now more web pages than neurons in the human brain but that of course the number of the former increases every day whereas the latter decreases!

There are a great line of speakers at the event today, and I look forward to listening to Bob Geldof in the next session.   Sir Tim said that he hoped the web would allow and facilitate the solution of the huge social, economic and above all global challenges that we face for the future by enabling collaboration in new and existing ways between the geographically separated brains around the planet.  The next speaker has clearly championed a number of the causes underlying those challenges and put them into the global consciousness over the last decades.   More later...

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