Saturday, 24 May 2008

Processor chip fab process roadmaps

IBM is estimating that 32nm chips will be available as prototypes in Q3 this year, and that these will be 35% faster than the current crop of 45nm chips while consuming 30-50% less power.  This should bode well for the next couple of years' consumer electronics gadgets!   The use of high-K dielectric compounds possibly including Hafnium also apparently extends to a plan to move to a 28nm process as well.  Results from nanotech research experiments suggest that 22nm will also be possible without prohibitively high leakage currents in the gate junctions on chip at that scale.   I believe there are even more exciting nanoscale developments to come in this context in the next decade.  Coupled with the new technologies for powering devices more efficiently in that same decade, the prospects look very bright indeed. 

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