Thursday, 9 October 2008

Apple's next act ...

It's now official that Apple will showcase new laptop models on October 14th.  Rumours have been circulating (as usual) for weeks.   Various interesting ideas about form factors are floating around.  But I guess that they will want to modify the design to perhaps incorporate some features from the most recent MacBook Air model, and any further slimming down over existing models will require some redesign or configuration of the ports placed on the edges of the device without compromising on the overall connectivity provided (which they could afford with the Air).  I hope they will also be bold enough to also incorporate some features from the iPhone in terms of multi-touch.  

Apple have also traditionally been very careful with the naming of their products and the addition of a new suffix word to the MacBook range with the advent of the "Air" will not have been a one-off and accident.  I suspect this is part of a plan.  The distinction has for a long time been between consumer and pro versions ... the era of the laptop is now well established and consumers are now beginning to drive IT sales for business use too (the consumerisation of IT) so a new wider range of laptops named by form factor and features would be very appropriate.  It would also match the naming convention adopted for iPods (touch, nano etc.)  

Apple have also prepared investors in recent calls for a lower profit margin through the introduction of upcoming revolutionary products.  Lowering the entry cost of their laptop range at the point that global western economies are entering recession would be a shrewd move. 

On the 14th October we will see what happens.  But I will be looking with interest given that I am writing this on a G4 Powerbook ... which is due for replacement.  

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