Monday 27 October 2008

Competing in an Open World...

While over here in Boston, I have been looking at some of Professor Rebecca Henderson's  (Sloane School) work, and specifically in the first instance her work on how corporates can compete in a world of public open standards.  It is a great example of how if you examine only the 'what-if' scenarios you seriously close off the possible rationale for change or for doing the unexpected.  Examining the 'what-if-not' scenarios however, which is one of the points Rebecca makes in her thoughts on competition in the public open world, can lead exactly to the unexpected and disruptive ideas for innovation.   And further, however unusual the alternative scenarios might be, 'what if you don't but your competitors do' can be an incredibly powerful driver for revising strategy!

For a week here in which I expect to be amazed by the technological, it is good to begin Monday by thinking more about business strategy and the non-technical.  One of the great benefits of visiting a place like MIT is to combine its output with the knowledge and understanding we have within the corporate environment of our customers' worlds and problem spaces.

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