Friday 17 October 2008

Beware the bank fraudsters ...

My last couple of blog entries have been around the subject of data protection and the security of online computer activity ... this third in the series takes a topical spin on these subjects.  

The current financial turmoil affecting the banking sector and money markets offers a new fertile opportunity for the spammers and ID theft crooks.  With all the increased focus on retail banking security of deposits, and the subsequent taking over of some banks by others, expect to see a new wave of email scams in the names big name US and UK banks purporting to need you to do some account administration online which inevitably will require the submission of some personal data.  The renaming of any merged financial institutions will also open up the possibility of fraudsters using new domain names for spoof websites that seem realistic.  

Of course the thing to do is completely ignore the instructions of emails from your bank to offer up *any* information - no bank will use this method to request such data, especially by sending you to website link from an email.  Some banks have information on their web site which details an email address you can forward such phishing or other suspicious emails you might receive in their name to - so that they can be investigated properly.  Happy & safe surfing this weekend ... !

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