Thursday 6 November 2008

Future buildings

Businesses are often accused of thinking too short term for commercial reasons.  In my role however I find that in most organisations there is at least one or two people who take the long term view.  Some organisations are forward looking too ... in the way they invest in their property and real estate.  The way that people will work and the places that they will work in will be very different in future.  The built environment of work places of the future will be instrumented by different technology and offer new capabilities for the businesses and employees that occupy them.  Sustainability is the buzzword for buildings now.  Much of the technology will be concerned with supporting this as much if not more than the work that people do there.  

I had the pleasure of an evening with the 2016 Medite group; it was great to hear how wood could play a large part in the sustainable built environment of the future, from representatives of many companies who take the long term view.

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