Thursday, 20 November 2008

IET Annual Healthcare Lecture

It was a pleasure to deliver the keynote presentation at this year's IET Healthcare lecture at the organisation's headquarters in Savoy Place, London this evening.  It was also my pleasure to give out some prizes to the leading students recognised by the organisation before starting to speak.  

So what if your ageing relatives are cared for by robots?  And what if the only way to control a pandemic outbreak was to chip and track humans?  And what if your surgeon told you he wasn't going to be in the room with you when he carries out your operation?   These are all topics which I mentioned as part of glimpsing the future on this particular occasion.  

The questions afterwards were very good, understandably given the calibre of the audience present!   But the most interesting part for me as always, was the discussion over dinner where I could hear from some of the audience about their views and their work.  


Dave Hartley said...


finger trouble. My first post went to the wrong article. And now i have another question !

will the lecture appear on

Susannah said...

Sadly, I suspect it won't be on I don't think anyone was filming it, unless they have an automated system in the committee room.

Jonathan said...

I'm afraid I asked for it not to be filmed on this occasion. This is due to rights associated with some of the material I used which I have, but which don't allow re-broadcast for others to use.

Glad you enjoyed the event and thanks for the nice feedback.

The software I used in the mobile phone demo is called salling clicker.